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Daniel Milligan

Naturopathic Physician



About Daniel Milligan

My name is Dr. Daniel Milligan, a naturopathic physician working in the greater Portland area. My goal is to help patients prevent, treat, and possibly reverse various chronic diseases. I believe in the three main pillars of health--mind, body, and vitality. Of course, these words mean different things to different people, for me, it means trying to be comfortable with who you are in your body and to have enough energy and emotional well-being to enjoy life.


I work alongside a fantastic team of doctors at Well Life Medicine. We offer both virtual and in-person visits. If this sounds like the right idea to you, please click the "Book an Appointment" button and it will take you to the Well Life Medicine website, or continue to read more about the modalities I focus on the most.

Focus Areas

How Can I Help You?

My Focus Areas

Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Are you feeling tired most days? Are you having a difficult time losing weight or gaining muscle? These could be symptoms related to your hormones.

  • I treat and balance thyroid conditions based on functional medicine and almost always screen a full thyroid panel on each patient.

  • I specialize in hormone replacement therapy for both women and men:

    • I work with bioidentical HRT for women to treat hot flashes, irregular periods, premenstrual symptoms, loss of libido, emotional instability, and fatigue.

    • I specialize in testosterone replacement therapy for men (both young and old), for men dealing with low libido, fatigue, excess worrying, restless sleep, erectile issues, difficulty losing weight or gaining muscle, having general fatigue most days, and other male health concerns.

  • I can treat young teens and adults with various concerns, including post-concussion syndrome, gynecomastia (male breast development), delayed puberty, growth hormone concerns, and other various endocrine disorders. 

Science Based Weight Management 

  • Everyone is on their own path, and most people benefit from a customized program designed around their specific needs. I am here to help you reach your goals in a realistic, long-lasting, and meaningful way: no gimmick diets, just science-based nutrition, and dedication.

  • Keeping a healthy weight can help prevent or reverse diseases like prediabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, snoring and sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and chronic inflammation. 

  • I am an avid weight lifter and love working with athletes who have recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, digestive concerns, etc.

Adjunct Behavioral Health

  • It's miserable and frustrating feeling like you can't face the world every day and not wanting to interact with the world around you.

  • Constantly thinking about too many things or having thoughts that won't settle down can cause your heart rate to go up, your stomach to drop, and make you feel irritable and easily annoyed.

  • These are common symptoms of depression and anxiety, which integrative medicine is excellent at treating.

    • Medications are absolutely a good option for many patients dealing with mood symptoms.

    • I can work with you to help manage depression and anxiety symptoms. 

    • I intensely focus on nutritional science, lowering inflammation, balancing hormones, and a clean/healthy living environment.

    • That includes good sleep hygiene, referrals to sleep medicine as needed, and limiting screen time before bed.


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